Mud Run

Obstacle Course

Adventure Race

It is time to challenge yourself!!

Join us for an event that you will never forget. With a minimum of 25 obstacles spread out over 6+ kilometers, this course will challenge everyone.

This course will allow you to work as a team to complete each obstacle or face the penalty of not completing the obstacle. You must be functionally fit in order to succeed.

You will get muddy. You will get wet. You will be exhausted. You will FINISH.

  • 6+ Kilometers
  • 25+ Obstacles
  • Hills
  • Mud
  • Water
  • Heights
  • Plenty of Sweat
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Is this an individual or a team race?

The Titan Challenge is for everyone. You can sign up to run it as an individual or with your family, co-workers or friends as a team. The more the merrier! Grab anyone that you want to get dirty.You’ll be able to use teammates to help you over challenging obstacles or to help motivate you on obstacles that you are afraid of. Your team can be as big as you want (the more the dirtier)

Just make sure you all get to join the same team. Register now and let your friends know you have so they can do the same!

What if I cannot complete an obstacle?

You can simply bi-pass the obstacle if you choose. There will be plenty of staff and volunteers on site to help you through the obstacles as well. If you are running as a team or competing with each other or yourself, we have chosen 25 jumping jacks as your penalty for not completing an obstacle.

Remember, if you complete an obstacle with the help of your teammates, friends, or a complete stranger, that still counts as completing the obstacle.


Registration Reminders

  • All participants between the ages of 10 – 15, a guardian must run with them.
  • Participants ages 16+ can run by themselves.
  • No refunds on entries or payments.
  • The entry fees listed above do not include the on line processing fee.

Note: Immediate family members of 4 or more participants (max of 6) can receive a Family rate of $250 plus applicable taxes and fees. You must have a government issued id with the same last name and matching address in order to receive the family discount.

Email for discount code.